Packing? Ha!

I’m moving soon, so in typical fashion I’m spending my last two weeks in my current space worrying about things I can’t change and doing absolutely nothing about the things I desperately need to do, like buy boxes. Actually, progress on the move is rapidly moving backwards, as I keep picking up free furniture. Meanwhile, in Kitchener, I was thrilled about the fact that I was going to be a quick walk away from work every day in my new apartment, and would even have my choice of three different routes to get there. One of those routes as been fenced off by the city, one of them is undergoing major reconstruction for the next couple of years and will close periodically, and the third is a bridge that the city just discovered is so structurally untrustworthy that it could collapse at any time (as far as bridge engineering fails go, this one is pretty impressive: besides the decay you’d expect, city engineers have determined that not only was it planned according to now-inadequate safety standards, but the construction crews who built it didn’t follow the plans they were given). Until the city has a plan in place to fix it (not to mention funding to do so) it’s safe to say that route is out.

I’m trying to get reed blanks made in great quantity before I go. A friend turned me onto the habit of watching TV while making blanks, and I have to say this makes the hours of work that go into cranking out these things by the dozen pass much faster. I’m catching up on The Sopranos while I wait for more episodes of Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Maybe there’s something about organized crime dramas that just lends itself to better reed making.


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