Balance of the season

One of the bigger gambles I took when I moved back to Canada was hanging on to a car I couldn’t really afford, on the assumption that if my musical work took off suddenly I would need some wheels. One does not simply freelance in the GTA – the “gig zone” easily extends from Windsor to Kingston and beyond. The car is about to come in handy, big time.

March 19th will be my first service with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony since the audition process wrapped up. From then until the end of the season in June I’ll be going back and forth between Toronto and either K-W or St Catharines about five days a week. I’ve managed to avoid being in all three cities on the same day, but a couple of times I’ll be performing with both KWS and NSO in the same week. I’ll be taking some time off (although not from playing awesome music) to travel to INDIA(!!!) as part of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada’s two-part exchange project with the Indian National Youth Orchestra.

I’ve been trying to plot everything out well in advance as far as travel needs are concerned, leaving plenty of time to arrive early for services and getting enough practice in to stay on top of the ever-growing pile of music on my stand. I’ve also forced myself to schedule in weekly planning sessions to just sit down and consider my needs for the upcoming days – when things get nuts, essentials like grocery shopping and laundry have to be kept up. The audience might care more about my level of musical preparation than the state of my clothes, but if the smell gets to the point where it concerns the people sitting around me in the orchestra, that could present a problem.


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